Back In The Netherlands!

Yesterday I returned home from my two week vacation in Denmark. It was a nice two week holiday with my family. Did some sightseeing and of course relaxing. We had a sauna and a jacuzzi in our house. [awesome!]

The pictures will come later since my dad made lots of pictures, but he hasn’t uploaded them onto the computer yet. But I can share one picture with y’all. One I made of a beautiful well in the countryside of Denmark.

A beautiful well in Denmark


We Heart it!

I just explored a new website where you can heart photo’s and images on the web. It’s an amazing website and there are so many beautiful pictures! I wish I could shot photo’s like that! But this site is really a recommendation.

Here are some pretty pictures:

Denmark Here We Come

This Saturday I will go on vacation to Denmark! I’m really excited ’cause I’ve never been there. I’m going with my dad, stepmom, my two sisters, my aunt and cousin. I don’t know what the place is called where we’re going, but I can tell you it’s only 800 meters from the sea! (Hell yeah) Good thing I get my paycheck tomorrow. ‘Cause right now I don’t have any money left! -oops-


I’ve been to The Hague again today to look at an apartment, but this one was awful. They said it was good for two people, when there’s only enough room for one! I was planning on taking pictures, but this one wasn’t even worth the trouble. At least I enjoyed the beautiful weather today! It’s so hot, you can finally tell it’s summer.

In a few I will go to my grandparents with my sister and mom. We always eat dinner there on Monday’s. I’m gonna miss that when I move to The Hague!

But back to Denmark. I will make lots of pretty pictures so I can post some here. I will stay there for two weeks and I have no clue if they have any wifi there. But we’ll see! -and maybe I’ll meet a cute boy there!-

Lots of love!

Excited for College!

In September I’m going to College to study Media and Entertainment Management. I’m so excited to go back to school. This year, the only thing I’ve been doing is working. (Which is kinda boring) Of course it’s gonna be tough, since I’ve been to the USA last year (2009-2010) and because I’ve worked this year. But I’ll be fine! I’m motivated!!

Also I started my driving lessons recently. I’ve had five lessons so far. I need to get my license before starting college.  I looked up some internships for production assistent and they always want you to have a drivers license.

My school is in The Hague, so I need to look for my own room there.  I’m gonna stay at my mom’s here in Utrecht if I can’t find a room in time. I just have to travel to The Hague with public transportation. So I hope I can find a room asap!