School, Vacation and a Soar Throat

Hey Y’all!

This blog post will be about a few things.. First of all, School.
I’m at school on my laptop right now working on some reports that have to be finished this Monday. Unfortunately is  so much freakin’ work! And knowing me I get distracted easily. So I thought I should go to school and work there, since it’s less distracting to work at school then at home. But still, if you have internet access you STILL will be distracted. I also need to start studying for my exams.. But I will do that after this entry.

This week I’m off from school. (and yes I’m in school during my vacation) It’s really nice to not have class and just chill, but officially this vacation week is called ‘self-study-week’. Since this is the time to study for your exams!! (But it’s still a vacation to me!)

Also as I said in my earlier blog post I had laryngitis, but my throat still hurts. I’m feeling much much much better though. What sucks is that I still can’t sing! I haven’t been able to sing for 4 weeks now! And that’s something I love to do… I guess I just have to be patient and take good care of myself. (Stay positive!)

I guess it’s time for me to work on school again. This needs to be finished ASAP! So talk to you later and wish me luck!



I Apologize

Hey People!

I actually feel really bad… I haven’t post anything in a LONG time… And so much stuff has happened.
I started college and got a room in The Hague . I’m doing great! (Except for some minor money issues)

But student life in The Hague is pretty amazing. I made some awesome new friends and school is nice too.
For school I have to plan a Halloween event. Not for real, but we pretend that it’s for real. It’s really fun to do, and you learn so much from it.

And of course hanging out with friends is so much fun. Below you’ll see some pictures from my first week of school,, (if I’m correct)

Me and Julian

Me and Daphne

So I’m gonna try to post more often, but it’s now 11:30 pm already and I need to go to sleep.. So I’ll talk to you later!


Excited for College!

In September I’m going to College to study Media and Entertainment Management. I’m so excited to go back to school. This year, the only thing I’ve been doing is working. (Which is kinda boring) Of course it’s gonna be tough, since I’ve been to the USA last year (2009-2010) and because I’ve worked this year. But I’ll be fine! I’m motivated!!

Also I started my driving lessons recently. I’ve had five lessons so far. I need to get my license before starting college.  I looked up some internships for production assistent and they always want you to have a drivers license.

My school is in The Hague, so I need to look for my own room there.  I’m gonna stay at my mom’s here in Utrecht if I can’t find a room in time. I just have to travel to The Hague with public transportation. So I hope I can find a room asap!