Dear Readers,

It is time to bring back some life to my blog! Another big event is happening in my life. I am going to move to another place! I have been living in this small little room for one and a half years now and it is time to move on. I am still going to stay in The Hague, but I’m moving a bit farther from school. Just a 20 minute bike ride. I’ll live. 😉 But why would I move to a place that is farther to school? Because it’s bigger, cheaper, and I will have roommates! I always hated the fact that I had to cook all by myself and for myself. That is about to change! The 22nd of this month I officially have to move out and hand in my keys. But first off I need to move my stuff! As I am writing this I still have no clue how to do that, since I don’t own a car. Probably would have to call in the troops! (read: friends)

My little room and me.

My little room and me.

I don’t really have a good picture that shows my room now so you guys have to deal with this one. It’s a picture of me cleaning my room. (Digg the cloves?)

I guess now I need to start collecting boxes and such, to collect all the crap I have been hoarding over the past 1,5 years. I think I need some sort of clutter cleanse, so I can get rid of all the stuff I will never use anyways. Easier said than done though! I suck at throwing away my stuff!

Anyways, now it’s time to catch up on some episodes of Fringe. If you have never heard of that show, here is a little summary:

“Fringe is a television drama centered around a female FBI agent, Olivia Dunham, who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena.”


So I will dive into the weird cases that the Fringe Division have to deal with. I will talk to you guys later on how the move will go and any other things that might happen in my life! See ya!


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