You Gotta Get Up and Try

Since like forever I have been a huge fan of P!nk. She’s been my idol and my first ever concert was one of hers. One of her singles on her latest album is called ”Try” and I really like the message of this song.

Whatever happens, even though you have been hurt a lot, you have to get up and try. Try to make the best of it. That’s actually what I’m trying to tell a friend at the moment. In his case being heartbroken sucks. And I couldn’t agree more, but I also know that you shouldn’t stay in that negative spiral.

I went through some heartache myself too. I was fortunate to have someone tell me to keep thinking about myself and I had my mom to guide me to the positive side of things. Of course you will feel like crap for a long time. Everyone will tell you that time will heal the ache. You won’t believe it, because it hurts so much. But there you are, 6 months, a year maybe a few years later, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. You can finally look back upon good memories instead of longing back to that relationship.

During my journey towards healing, it helped me a lot to talk. I just told everyone how I felt so I didn’t have to deal with it on my own. All those people I told also wanted to help me, so they gave me advice. Some were bad and some were good, but at least I got the support I needed to get through it.

So as you can possibly tell, my advice to all of you out there with a broken heart. Talk. Don’t deal with it on your own. And when you’re down, get up again and go on. In the beginning you might feel that you’re lost, but trust me, that feeling will fade away. Even without having a new relationship. Because after my heartbreak I never had another relationship and I’m doing great!

So going back on the topic of P!nk. She has always been a strong women in my opinion and to finish this post I want to close up with an awesome performance of ”Try” at the AMA’s 2012. I hope this song will inspire you like it inspires me.


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